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We realize the challenging economic times in our Province require some tough decisions. That is why we want our Government Leaders to seek other means to find savings without directly impacting core services such as Education.  We want you to ask your Liberal Government to;

  • Eliminate SOME of the 140 plus government boards or councils in this Province whose members are compensated with our tax dollars.  Click here for the list of "Agencies, Boards and Councils".
  • Work with other Government Departments (e.g. Health, Seniors, Community Services, etc)   to make effective use of  underutilized space in ALL schools across the Province rather than paying rental costs.  
  • LISTEN to what the people of the Province told you during the Government Renewal Initiative.  Here is a reminder of those conversations....."what we are hearing"(click on text).
  • LISTEN to Municipal Leaders on how you can work with Town Councils to grow communities, encourage population growth and increase the tax base.  Not do the opposite!

  • 94 additional students will be added to the school population of Woodland Elementary School for a combined total population of 284 students.
  • The school cafeteria has limited space for the school population.
  • Class and teaching cap size will be impacted resulting in more students per teacher.
  • Student programming and achievement will be affected.  For example; classroom space once used for music activities, instrument storage, French, etc will need to be converted to classroom teaching space. 
  • Students who travel long distances on a school bus may not be able to participate in after school activities due to overcrowding or exhaustion from such a long day.
  • Playground area, school hallways, bathrooms, student lockers and other common areas will be overcrowded.  As well, additional supervision will be required by teaching staff.  
  • Educational outcomes for both school populations will be negatively impacted.


1.  Contact Minister Gambin-Walsh to demand she advocate and lobby against this school reconfiguration.  SHE HAS BEEN SILENT FOR OUR DISTRICT.

2.  Contact your elected, school Trustee in your area asking him/her  to support students, parents and staff of both  Whitbourne Elementary and Woodland Elementary schools.  Click here for the names of elected trustees  OR simply click on the trustee's name on the tab located to the right side of this webpage to send an email message.

3.  Ask your Zone Trustee to support a reversal of the decision made on  September 20th, 2016 to close Whitbourne Elementary.  We need to stop this process immediately!

4.  Contact Premier Ball and Minister Kirby to express your disappointment in the decision of the FORMER board of unelected trustees.

5.  If you feel there is another way that you can help our committee then please contact us below by providing your name, email and a brief message.   You can also contact us on twitter or at our Facebook page. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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